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Who needs a website ?

It is a question which in a few years, look as ridiculous as asking today "who needs a phone?" Or "who needs a fax machine?" Imagine a company these days without phone or fax! Obviously, it seems completely outdated. It is precisely thus appear that, in the very near future, companies without a website.

With the evolution of communication technologies, it is important that businesses adapt to change and take advantage. Most people in business understand the Internet will have a significant impact on how to handle cases in the future. However, many have not yet made the leap and established an Internet presence for their companies. Indeed, although most companies want to be on the Internet, they are too busy selling their products and services to take the time to learn about this exciting new trend and enjoy. Many feel they do not have the knowledge or resources to take this important step and thus losing ground. Because the truth is that with each passing day, even if a company is not on the Internet, its customers are. If it is unable to serve its customers in the electronic world, the competition will do!

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How to succeed in the Internet

We will say something that may seem strange from an Internet solutions company, but no less is true: Most websites do not work. Indeed, success on the Internet depends on three things needed for a company, TWS describes this as the ABC's of Internet success :

The vast majority of websites on the Internet today are nothing more than frozen leaflets pasted on the Internet, the so-called death of the content and static content. In other words, read the information yesterday in this site are the same as those found there today. There are many large companies s'empêtrent note indicating when the site was updated for the last time and date can often be traced to several months. However, research shows that if a person comes into a website and find information contained therein already at a previous visit, it is unlikely to return once again. People want fresh information, since the invention of printing, mankind is awaiting fresh news every day. Nobody reads the newspaper last week, nor that of the previous day. What we want is the news of the day.

With the Internet, you can even get information to the second, unique and personalized for each user. Given this, it is ironic that many companies deal with the content of their website as if it were engraved in stone, he will never change. TWS provides a constant renewal of the information presented on sites in its network, which encourages the person to return frequently. The revolution of our days on the Internet is undoubtedly the famous loop of electronic commerce or e-commerce. Internet will result in massive increases in corporate profits and will change many aspects of our lifestyle. But it is in the area of electronic commerce will have the impact that the most striking. It is clear that the period represents the most significant growth recorded so far by the human species. Never in the history of the world had seen something go from 346 million to $ 1 trillion in the space of 7 years (Revenue generated through the Internet from 1996 to 2002).

In addition to the possibility of online stores fully functional, TWS offers a hand to its customers technical edge programming like Java and XML, and thus the Internet security is already provided, and secondly the use of new media technologies such as Flash, Shockwave and panoramic imaging to 360 degrees, which can make the website more dynamic as possible by removing the content death.

TWS also specializes in the development of audio / video for the Internet. The latter is the distribution medium of the future, each website can be a separate transmitter. Companies who use specialized software to TWS for compressing video and servers for streaming video can place online video company, or broadcast media for live applications such as distance learning, surveillance distance calls or business.